"Since the very beginning I liked to play the violin. I'm thankful for the experience to play such a beautiful instrument."
                 - ALEGRIA Orchestra student, 14 years old, Violin

Invest in our music program, empowering 60 kids to find hope through classical music. ALEGRIA enables 60 youth in a poverty-stricken area on the outskirts of Lima, Peru to study classical music intensively each week. This community lacks many basic resources, and otherwise wouldn't be able to provide this important program. However, our music students are thriving. In 2016, we have new  incoming young people selected into the program.

ALEGRIA's music teacher and the orchestra ensemble

Our story: In 2010, Shay Grabowski and a committed team of young artists and professionals in the US and Peru, started ALEGRIA to support the community of at-risk and orphaned kids at La Sagrada Familia. Our mission, as it is today, was to empower these young people through the arts. We began with intensives and exposed the kids to art forms they'd never before experienced …. from photography to improv. We then began supporting them with other much needed resources, such as sewing machines. These children are the heart of our work, and we work in collaboration with Miguel Rodriguez, the astounding man who founded the community.

In 2011, we also began supporting La Sagrada Familia's music program, providing much-needed musical instruments such as violins, trombones, and clarinets. In 2013, we raised enough to hire a full-time orchestra teacher, teaching 60 kids weekly, and continued to donate instruments. Throughout 2014-2015, because of your support, we've continued to fund the teachers, Angel Barrios and his father, Señor Barrios, each a wealth of wisdom and classical music expertise pouring into the kids' lives.

It's commonly known how valuable music education is, and extensive research shows the benefits of playing an instrument and studying music. Students from low socio-economic backgrounds who study music are twice as likely to excel in math as students who don’t.

In the past 5 years, we're proud that ALEGRIA has served thousands of kids annually in La Sagrada Familia and through many partnerships in New York City. 100% of funds raised will support La Sagrada Familia's music program, and we stretch every dollar far. Fiscal responsibility and program excellence are ALEGRIA's priorities, and we regularly review our impact to ensure excellence.


Our need is pressing, and we need your support. The 60 students in our program are learning and growing every day, despite the odds they’re dealt. Many are now in university, and new kids are beginning to study classical music. We're thankful for help in all forms: donations, words of encouragement, spreading the word on social media and through email, prayer and thought.

We hope to raise well over our needed $20,000 budget, as the more we raise, the more we can do. Just $25 provides sheet music to a young music student. $23/month, or $250 provides music lessons for a child all year long. Our entire budget will help us continue the overall program, funding the teachers, instruments, sheet music, music stands.

"For me music class is not only a subject at school, it is art, I love it."
              - ALEGRIA Orchestra student, 14 years old, Clarinet

"Studying music makes me feel free."
         - ALEGRIA Orchestra student, 15 years old, Trombone

It is a privilege to come alongside our young musicians and have the opportunity to open doors that might otherwise remain closed. Thank you for helping us empower ALEGRIA's children.

Shay Grabowski | Founder & Board President
& ALEGRIA's Board of Directors


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